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Stay Healthy this season!

Just because things have cooled down, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Fall and winter in Canada offer some of the most picturesque landscapes and unique opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the spectacular nature that surrounds Friday Harbour. Did you know that cold and flu season is actually caused by people staying indoors and spreading sickness person to ... Read More


A Champion of the Community: Innisfil Life Centre

For many people in the Innisfil and Alcona area, the Innisfil Life Centre is a resource they could not do without. This volunteer-driven community hub offers programming for children, teens, and adults and features a Clothing Depot and Food Bank for residents of the area. The Clothing Depot offers free clothing for families in need during times of emergency, free ... Read More

Under the beautiful, colourful evening sky, the lights from the buildings on the Boardwalk at Friday Harbour reflects off the waters of the Marina.

A Day at Friday Harbour

You start your morning with a stroll down the Boardwalk to pick up your favourite beverage and pastry from Starbucks®. Continuing down the Boardwalk, you gaze out over the Marina, the Resort begins to wake up and hum with excitement at the activities to come. Children rush by, eagerly making their way down to the Beach for the day. You ... Read More


Spring is upon us at Friday Harbour Resort

Spring is upon us at Friday Harbour Resort and there is no better place to enjoy the budding trees and bird songs than in the 200 acre Nature Preserve.    Friday Harbour has committed a full one third of the Resort property as an environmentally protected area, meaning that it will forever and always be a safe haven for flora and fauna ... Read More